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New features of TINA v11 and TINA Design Suite v11

TINA v11:

  • Windows 8/10 compatibility
  • Fully compatible with its online version TINACloud
  • 8,000+ new parts, including power electronics devices
  • SystemC support
  • Create Digital filters in SystemC and run in TINA
  • Add MCUs in SystemC to TINA
  • Infineon design folder with industrial designs
  • Industrial Power, Lighting, Motor Control application circuits
  • XMC microcontrollers and application circuits
  • Support of the free-of-charge XMC code generation platform DAVE.
  • Efficiency-, Average value- and Frequency-meters
  • Analysis control links
  • Advanced Macro editing
  • SAR and Sigma-Delta ADCs
  • DACs with SPI
  • I2C , SPI bus simulation
  • PM bus, SM bus simulation and monitors
  • Transient Noise Analysis and Generator
  • Popup text
  • BSIM4 model
  • Microchip XC8 compiler support
  • MATRIX FLOWCODE 7 and Arduino support
  • Smart wire
  • Enhanced I/O assignment
  • Post processing of Fourier Spectrum
  • Export of Diagrams in CSD format (Common Simulation Data File)
  • Advanced "Remember diagram settings" option, saved with the circuit
TINA v10:
  • Windows 8 compatibility
  • Multilanguage capability, instant language change for licensed languages
  • Open project files with preview of schematics and mechatronics
  • Edif import
  • Global Spice variables
  • Integration with TINACloud, files upload and download
  • Optional Mechatronics extension
  • KLU - a faster linear solver and better convergence on large-size or special circuits
  • Enhanced and accelerated VHDL and Verilog simulation 10x times faster than in v9
  • Xilinx simprim simulation in digital and in mixed mode
  • Verilog A
  • Verilog AMS
  • MCU C compiling on 8051, AVR, PIC16, PIC18, PIC32, ARM
  • Linux simulation on ARM MCU
  • PSpice compatible AD-DA interface
  • Oscilloscope works together with the interactive mode
  • Frequency and waveform parameters are shown with cursors
  • Hotkeys to AC and Transient Analysis
  • Cursor Max and Min functions added to the Process menu

Online access with TINACloud:

  • Now you can run your circuit simulation designs online on PCs, Macs, thin clients, tablets-even on many smart phones, smart TVs and e-book readers. You can use TINACloud in the office, classroom, at home and while travelling anywhere in the world that has internet access
  • Same extended semiconductor and IC catalog as in the off-line version
  • Updated schematic editor with enhanced wireing tools
  • For limited time we are offering a special bundle of TINACloud with all new licenses of TINA

TINA v9.3:

  • Works both on Windows 7 and 8
  • 124 new PIC24 MCU models
  • 24 ARM MCU models
  • 250+ new opamp models from National Semiconductors
  • 300+ new power management (SMPS) and other ICs from Texas Instruments with hundreds of application circuits!
  • 800+ new opamp models from Analog Devices
  • More than 1000 new inductor models from Würth Elektronik

TINA v9:

  • Full Vista and Windows 7 compatibility
  • Multi core support
  • Enhanced analysis speed and convergence
    Up to 10 times higher speed on 1 core, 15x on dual core, 20x on quad core
  • Advanced powerful Spice-VHDL mixed mode analysis
  • Extended catalog with ARM 7, ARM 9 and HCS08 microcontrollers, more SMPS ICs models, realistic ADC and DAC models, LCD display, Bi-color LEDs
  • Extended MCU simulation, USB and other modules
  • Programmable Design Tool where users can implement design procedures for calculating and setting circuit parameters so that the circuits can produce predefined target output values.
  • Extended flowchart tool: PIC, AVR, 8051, code box, USART, external interrupt handling
  • Open and save TINA designs, models and libraries directly from the Web
  • Import Spice .CIR and .LIB files directly from the Web
  • Import Libraries, Designs and Examples from any earlier versions of TINA v7 and later.
  • Show analysis results on diagrams during analysis
  • Fast diagram drawing and processing speed, even for very large circuits
  • New tool in the View menu of the diagrams for easier hiding and showing curves on diagrams
  • New more effective storing of analysis results, save all analysis results for all circuits without speed compromise
  • Parametrizable output curve filter for even more effective storage of results
  • Scrollbars for browsing multiple diagrams on the same page
  • New diagram cursor tools to find and annotate
    local and global maximum, minimum
    gain and phase margins
    zero crossover frequency
    horizontal and vertical coordinates
  • Combinational and parallel stepping , show stepping cases (test benches) in separate diagrams
  • More advanced tools for addition of parts to TINA from semiconductor manufacturers both from downloaded files and directly from the internet
  • Node list in post processor now displays macro names and local node names in the relevant macros
  • Minimize TINA main window while analysis is running
  • Run two TINA instances on the same computer
  • Multi-level, hierarchical ERC. Checks the main or any subcircuts, or the whole circuit in full depth
  • ERC detects and shows floating nodes in Spice subcircuits
  • Open Examples command in File menu, for easier return to TINA’s Examples folder
  • Open .CIR files from Open command in the File menu
  • New arrow button in Open dialog, for easier finding TINA EXAMPLES or User folders
  • Updated and extended examples under the EXAMPLES folder
  • Conversion of circuits to TINA v7 format, for compatibility with TINA v7 and v8 and v9
  • Detailed Transient Statistics from the View menu
  • TINA v9 is now digitally signed by DesignSoft

PCB Design

  • G-Code export of PCB designs for creating control files for milling machines
  • Extended PCB footprint catalog

New features of TINA v8 and TINA Design Suite v8

  • Vista style installation and folder scheme
  • Behavioral building blocks, nonlinear controlled sources
  • Powerful Spice-VHDL co-simulation including MCUs
  • Finite State Machine (FSM) editor with VHDL generation
  • Flowchart editor and debugger for controlling MCUs (in v8.0 for PIC MCUs only)
  • Any number of MCUs in one circuit
  • Extended MCU catalog including PIC18, CAN and more
  • Execution time measurement and statistics for Transient Analysis
  • Hyperlinks can be added to schematics and to the diagram window
  • Extended semiconductor catalog
  • Application examples from Texas Instruments
  • Labview based virtual instruments
  • Interface to build LabVIEW based virtual instruments
  • Wave (.wav) files can be used as input
  • Play calculated waveforms on PCs multimedia system
  • Export calculated waveforms as a *.wav file
  • New Open Examples command in file menu to open built in examples
  • Autosave. Save your current schematic or PCB design at adjustable time intervals
  • Parameter adding possibility to Spice subcircuits
  • Detection of components or nodes linked with convergence or irregular circuit problems
  • On line update possibility for libraries, program or both
  • Post-processing formulas are stored with schematics, editable later
  • Live 3D Breadboard (displaying and animating circuits with 3D parts on a virtual 3D breadboard)
  • 3D virtual instruments to prepare and document lab experiments
  • Integrated electronic design textbook with "live" circuits (optional)
  • SMPS design templates from Christophe Basso (optional)

TINA Design Suite v8:
Includes all TINA 8 features plus TINA's advanced PCB designer

  • Creating "flex" PCBs including 3D display
  • Creating PCBs of any shape including round edges
  • Buried and blind vias
  • Extended catalog
  • Improved optimizing autorouter
  • Distance measuring tool
  • Display of complete 3D circuits including parts connected externally to the PCB

TINA v7:

  • Built-in VHDL analysis and VHDL interactive mode
  • User defined VHDL components, modifiable on-the-fly
  • VHDL, Xilinx UCF generation of digital circuits for synthesis,
    place-and-route and presentations with the TINA FPGA board
  • Microcontroller simulation including PIC processors, and ASM debugging
  • Steady State Solver
  • SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply) simulation with acceleration
  • Stress (smoke) Analysis
  • Active and passive filter design
  • Logic design (Truth table, Karnaugh table, Quine-McClusky optimization, schematic diagram generation)
  • Single click 3D component preview

TINA Design Suite v7:
Includes all TINA 7 features plus TINA's advanced PCB designer

  • Autoplacement and autorouting, rip-up-and-retry
  • Manual and "follow-me" trace placement
  • Forward and backward annotation
  • Pin and gate swapping
  • Keep-in and keep-out areas
  • Thermal relief, fan out
  • Plane layers for multilayer designs
  • Split plane layers
  • Gerber file output
  • Footprint Editor
  • 3D view of PCB boards

TINA Pro 6:

  • Open several projects simultaneously and use copy and paste between projects
  • Run analysis upon any open project
  • New (.TSC) extension for project files to avoid collision with MS Schedule and Accel
  • Store all analysis results (node and component voltages and currents) for post-processing
  • Powerful post-processor for all analysis results
  • XY-plot of any 2 transient or DC transfer results, for example v1(t) vs. v2(t)
  • Parameter stepping for any number of parameters
  • Parameter stepping given by list
  • Multiparameter optimization
  • Draw lines, circles, arcs, and arrows in the schematic editor
  • Add frame and title block to schematic diagrams
  • Phasor diagram
  • Voltage arrow to display voltages
  • Diagonal lines for circuits such as bridges, delta, and wye (Y)
  • Control switches with the keyboard via hotkeys
  • Switch providing high and low logic levels directly
  • Push button switches
  • Fault insertion in wires
  • Improved Library Manager for adding new models
  • Improved method for changing component values in interactive mode with the mouse or
    with the keyboard via hotkeys
  • Control the display of component values and labels separately
  • New components: VCO, BSIM 3.3, communication circuits, 74121, 74122, and much more
  • Component searching and listing tool
  • Embedding faults into circuit files for advanced troubleshooting
  • Optional VHDL analysis