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In TINA, you can simplify a schematic by turning portions of it into a subcircuit. In addition, you can create new TINA components from any Spice subcircuit, whether created by yourself, downloaded from the Internet, or obtained from a manufacturer's CD.

Macros from schematics

Using TINA's macro facility, you can simplify schematics and hide clutter by turning portions of the schematic into a subcircuit. TINA automatically represents these subcircuits as a rectangular block on your schematic, but you can create any shape you like with TINA's Schematic Symbol Editor.

Macros from Spice subcircuits

In TINA, you can create your own components from any Spice subcircuit that you have made or downloaded from the Internet. Note that there are also Spice component models in the large and extensible manufacturers' model library provided with TINA.

Latest revision: 01/02/2017