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Product Information

Floorplan, 3D View, 

Stair Designer

Roof-, Roof-structure Designer


Door-, Window Designer

Graphic Editor

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ARCAD is a powerful, easy to use program every aspect of your architectural project. Draw and edit plans, create photorealistic 3D images and movies. Quickly and effectively design stairs, roofs, roof frames, landscaping, and much more. Calculate budget and materials estimates.

Other features include a straightforward menu layout, logical structure and simple work surface design. Develop your own work style. Low minimum hardware requirements, yet supports top end hardware and the most up to date DirectX and OpenGL graphics systems.

With ARCADís intuitive design and powerful functionality you can make your ideas a reality from day one!

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DesignWare accepts credit cards, checks, and even departmental purchase orders. Simply fill out and return the order form.

Don't delay, order ARCAD today. You'll get 2D and 3D power, more than 3000 3D symbols, plus 3D MovieMaker and Animatin modules....

System requirements
Operating System Windows 7/8/10
Processor Minimum: Pentium 500
Recommended: Pentium or better recommended.
RAM Minimum: 1 GB
Recommended: 2 GB
Video display Minimum: Super VGA at 800x600 or higher
Recommended: Open GL or DirectX graphic card
CD Rom 4x or higher
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