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Analog Simulation

         TINA TM
DC analysis calculates the operating point and the transfer characteristic of nonlinear analog circuits. Through optimization, TINA Pro will optimize a circuit response to a predefined target value by automatically varying the value of a circuit parameter. In AC analysis, complex voltage, current, impedance and power can be calculated, and Bodediagrams, Nyquist diagrams, and group delay characteristics can be plotted. In transient analysis, the transient response of analog and mixed analog/digital circuits can be plotted. In all analysis modes, parameter values can be both stepped and swept, and ambient temperature can be varied.

AC Analysis with parameter stepping

Digital Simulation

TINA's analysis capabilities don't end with analog circuits, but also include a powerful simulator for digital circuits. TINA Pro solves the logic state equation at each node and displays the results.Trace the operation of the circuit step-by-step forward and backward,or use TINA's auto-running mode. The event-driven digital engine also keeps track of internal states, allowing the study of digital hazards. In addition TINA Pro presents the complete time diagram of a digital circuit. Digital signals are displayed in a special logic analyzer style window where each signal is dispayed in a separate coordinate system.

Digital Timing Diagram

Mixed Circuit Simulation

Another powerful feature of TINA Pro is its capacity to analyze circuits consisting of both analog and digital components. In mixed-mode analog/digital simulation real voltages and currents will be determined for all nodes as a continuous function of time instead of as abruptly changing logic levels. Use mixed-mode simulation for digital circuits with key analog portions or for analog circuits with additional digital components. Even with purely digital circuits, TINA's mixed mode analysis helps solve complicated timing problems that might not be understood using the digital analyzer.

Mixed Mode Simulation