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Problem Solving

Solving a Simple Problem

TINA has two special operating modes for training and examination. In these modes, the student works on problems under the supervision of TINA, which will solve the problems but wait and check the student's answer. A student can use symbolic names of components and answer with either formulas or numbers. In training mode, TINA warns the student of a wrong answer; in examination mode, it will simply evaluate and record the answer. A large collection of problems already worked out by teachers is available.

Using the Interpreter

Using the Interpreter in Problem Solving

For more complicated problems, the interpreter can totally replace pencil, paper and calculator. Invoking the interpreter, the student can derive auxiliary quantities and step-by-step intermediate results. The interpreter allows the use of symbolic names of components or their numerical values,evaluates expressions, solves linear equations, takes derivatives, integrates, and much more. The detailed solution can be saved for later use or printed for evaluation.

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